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Nintendo 3DS XL - Pink / White

Nintendo 3DS XL - Pink / White

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The disc surface is in nice condition with light wear, but moderate to heavy cosmetic wear is present on the front label.

Heavy wear including scratches, label wear, or other blemishes. Labels may be torn or missing. Cracks may be present, but nothing that affects functionality.

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Cleaned, tested, and guaranteed to work! Charger is included.


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Customer Reviews

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This was so amazing that I couldn’t even believe it, the quality was nearly brand new except for one teeny tiny scratch on the back that looked like a cats claw might’ve rubbed it, and thats barely visible unless you put your eyeball against the case. The ds runs like brand new and it makes me so happy that its such a cute pink and white! Also is a genuine nintendo ds instead of a knock off. BUY FROM THEM INSTEAD OF AMAZON because amazons “excellent quality” of these dses are nearly $400 and have horrible cosmetic damages. These guys are legit and made my life complete with this girly little ds ill be playing and displaying above my pink and white gaming setup that it matches so well when im away.