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Nintendo 3DS - Cosmo Black

Nintendo 3DS - Cosmo Black

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The disc surface is in nice condition with light wear, but moderate to heavy cosmetic wear is present on the front label.

Heavy wear including scratches, label wear, or other blemishes. Labels may be torn or missing. Cracks may be present, but nothing that affects functionality.

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A new dimension in entertainment! The Nintendo 3DS system combines next-generation portable gaming with eye-popping 3D visuals--without the need for special glasses. Take 3D photos using the built-in cameras, and give them your own personal twist with interactive effects. Connect to friends, other players, and wireless hotspots with the wireless StreetPass and SpotPass communication modes to unlock exclusive content for games and download other entertainment. From games to photos and beyond, Nintendo 3DS is the ultimate 3D entertainment system. Some features may be available at a later date.


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This one will be long, but… gotta say for “Excellent” condition this thing is way beyond that. I appreciate the quality of system you offer, not only did the thing look like it had maybe 20 hours on it but the hinges still snap like brand new, the screen has 0 blemishes, the buttons all have the markers with no fading, the buttons still click like a new system out of the box. It came with the SD card, ready to boot up and sign in as my own. Thank you, I will be back for another soon! To other possible buyers, it’s worth it. You’ll have more luck here with your money than you would at your local game shop.