Setup Guides - Wii U

Setting Up Your System

To set up your Wii U you will need both the Wii U console and the Wii U Gamepad. To connect the console you will need the AC power cable and either an AV or HDMI cable. The sensor bar is not required to set up or use the system but is required for games that use the Wii remote. It should be placed either right above or below the TV screen.

The Wii U Gamepad connects to the console wirelessly. For setup it is recommended that you plug the Gamepad in with the AC charging cable to ensure that it is receiving power.

Connecting Controllers

To sync a wireless controller to the Wii U, press the red “sync” button on the Wii U console, followed by the red “sync” button on the controller you are trying to connect. Pressing the sync button on the Wii U should display a screen showing you where to find the appropriate button on the controller. Depending on the controller, you may need a small pointed object like a pen, toothpick, or paperclip in order to press the button.

To sync the Wii U Gamepad, press the red “sync” button on the Wii U console twice, followed by pressing the sync button on the back of the Gamepad. You will be asked to enter the symbols displayed on the screen on the Gamepad’s touch screen to finalize syncing the controller.

The Wii U Gamepad can be used to power on the Wii U. The Gamepad also has a button that can be used to turn on your television. This function may not be compatible with your TV depending on the model.

Playing Games

The Wii U can play both Wii U and original Wii games. To load a game, insert the disc with the label facing the right or top side of the system, depending on the Wii U’s orientation. Use your remote to select the game channel from the software menu.