Setup Guides - Super Nintendo

Setting Up Your System

To set up your Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) you will need the power cable and either AV cables or an RF Adapter. To connect the SNES to a modern screen you will need AV cables.

Depending you your TV you may not have AV ports and may need an AV to HDMI converter.

The benefits of using a CRT television are that, unlike LCD TVs, they do not have input lag. In addition, graphics of the era were designed to be seen on CRT TVs and often look improved on them.

Playing Games

SNES games come on cartridges (sold separately) that must be inserted into the cartridge slot before the system is powered on. Cartridges must be pressed down until they click into the system and lock in place. You will need to press the “eject” button on the front to remove the game.

When the game is inserted, slide the “Power” button on the system up to start the system. If the game is not displaying the cartridge may not being read properly and may need cleaning. While many famously cleaned the cartridges by blowing in them to clear away debris, it is not recommended as it can create moisture that can corrode the cartridge’s or system’s contacts and do more damage in the long term. We recommend cleaning the contacts with a cotton swab wetted in alcohol. You can apply a fair amount of pressure without damaging the contacts.