Setup Guides - Nintendo Wii

Connecting Your Wii

To set up your Wii you will need to connect the three cords: the Power brick, the AV cable, and the sensor bar. All three will plug into the back of the Wii. The power brick will connect to the wall outlet and provide it with power. The AV cable will plug into the AV ports on the back of your television.

Depending you your TV you may not have AV ports and may need an AV to HDMI converter.

The sensor bar should be placed in a position right above or below the center of the TV for the best play experience.

Syncing the Wii Remote

Before the Wii remote can be used, it needs to be wirelessly connected to the console. This can be done by pressing the red sync buttons on the Wii (found beneath the SD slot cover) and the Wii Remote (found in the battery compartment).

Playing Games

To load a game on the Wii, insert the disc with the label facing the right or top side of the system, depending on the Wii’s orientation. Use the Wii remote to select the game channel from the Wii menu.

Depending on your model of Wii it may be backwards compatible with GameCube discs. Ports for GameCube controllers and memory cards can be found under flaps on the top of the system. Note that while Wii discs will create local save data on the system, GameCube games still require a memory card.

Models that are not backwards compatible will lack these ports and have text aligned horizontally rather than vertically.

Some select Wii games use dual-layer discs that have more data. Some Wiis may have difficulty reading these discs because of a dirty optical lens. In addition, the nature of these discs makes them difficult to repair through resurfacing. A list of dual-layer Wii discs can be found here. [link under construction]

A copy of the Nintendo Wii user manual can be found here.