Setup Guides - Game Boy

To set up your original Game Boy you will need four AA batteries. The system itself does not have any games preloaded, so to use it you will need to insert an original Game Boy or select compatible Game Boy Color cartridge (sold separately).

Pokemon Gold (left) has an indent in the top right corner of the cartridge and is compatible with the original Game Boy despite being made for Game Boy Color. Pokemon Crystal (right) lacks this indent and will not play on original Game Boy.

Insert the game cartridge fully before powering on the system. The cartridge WILL NOT read if inserted after the system is already powered on.

If the game cartridge isn’t reading, the contacts may be dirty. While blowing into the cartridge can be a temporary fix it can damage the cartridge in the long run. It’s recommended to use a cotton swab wetted with rubbing alcohol to clean the cartridge. You can apply a lot of pressure without damaging the contacts.

The original Game Boy model has a contrast dial. If the display on your system is too dark or too bright, it can be adjusted with the dial. The original Game Boy does not play in color and does not have any sort of lighting built into the screen, so playing it will require proper lighting or a light accessory (sold separately).

The Game Boy Pocket is a smaller and lighter version of the original Game Boy and uses a black and white monochrome instead of the original model's black and green. It uses two AAA batteries as opposed to four AA batteries.

A PDF of the Game Boy's official user manual can be found here.